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Rahne Sinclair
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[Disclaimer: No, I am not trying to pretend that I am Rahne Sinclair, a finctional character. This journal was created for the soul purpose of participating in the x_menuniterp RP.]

Name: Rahne Sinclair, AKA Wolfsbane.
Age: 18.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair color: Reddish brown.
Height: 5'2" [Human form]; 6' [Werewolf]; 32" [Wolven form, at shoulder].
Weight: 108 lbs. [Human Form].
Known Relatives: Moira MacTaggart(guardian), Rev. Craig (possibly her father).
Mutant Power(s): Is a specific lycanthropic metamorph; werewolf. Her mutant powers revolve around the ability to shapeshift from human to wolf and back. She is able to 'pause' the shift between states, resulting in a transitional form that combines the attributes of human and lupine. Her powers are a result of mutant genetics, rather than any gothic voodoo nonsense, and is not dependent on the moon at all. Other powers include enhanced senses in fur-form, a healing factor similar but weaker than Logan's, and a type of minor empathy when in full wolf-form.
History: Rahne Sinclair never knew her biological parents, and was raised by the Reverend Craig in Kinross, Scotland. Craig constantly referred to the girl's mother as an 'unlamented dock-side whore', and herself as the child of demons. This is most likely because of Rev. Craig was reminded of his and Rahne's mothers affair whenever he looked at the young girl. He took it upon himself to beat the fear of God into Rahne's head. The sins of the mother naturally transferred to the daughter, and the orphan Rahne had nowhere to go to escape the intense indocrination that took place throughout her childhood. By the time she reached her twelfth birthday, she was quiet, diligent, and timid as she did her chores in and around the church. None of the Kinross folks commented, and the majority literally thought nothing of it.

Before Rahne reached the tender age of 11, the Reverand Craig attempted to burn her at the stake, to "save her soul".

As puberty approached, Rahne was subjected to even more intense 'sermons' from the Reverend, warning her against following in her mother's evil and licentious footsteps. In fact, it was during one evening worship service, in the middle of another fire-and-brimstone sermon, that Rahne's mutant gifts first appeared. Sitting towards the back, she felt her body tingle, then change somehow. She thought it would pass, and so it did.

Her neighbors in the pew didn't take long to react, since the quiet lass was gone, and a russet-furred wolf was in her place, sitting atop the shredded remains of Rahne's clothes. It was easy to put two and two together, and as Rahne fled into the woods, the men of the town gave chase to purge the demonchild's evil. Guns, torches, shouting. Needless to say, Rahne was terrified and confused.

She raced blindly through the trees, still in her newly lupine body, until she literally ran into Moira MacTaggert. Stunned and exhausted, the wolf collapsed and passed out. Moira was just as stunned when the wolf's body melted back into the shape of a young girl. The good doctor fended off the pursuing townspeople and ordered them off her lands. The discussion between MacTaggert and Craig was loud, long, and heated, but Moira stubbornly refused to give up the child. Indeed, within the week, Moira was officially Rahne's new guardian.

Over the next few years, Moira invested time, energy, and affection in her foster daughter, working to undo the mental and emotional damage Reverend Craig had caused. Rahne quickly accepted her new mother and responded very well to her efforts. The lass remained introverted and quiet, but the problems of self-esteem were gradually resolved. Rahne learned she wasn't a demon, but a mutant, and Moira helped her learn the basics and the extents of her abilities.

By the time the Symposium drew near, Moira began making preparations for herself and her girl to travel to the United States. Rahne wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect, but understood she couldn't stay home by herself. Besides, Moira suggested the possibility that Rahne might be able to receive more advanced training from an American friend of hers. Charles something.

Credit: http://www.toclo.com/~soth/rahne.htm I'm lazy, Damnit.